Hiya peeps!

I’ve decided to stop with the random posts (although I shall leave them up for future reference) and get down to some serious blogging.

I will start with things I cannot understand. If you do, or you agree with me and don’t, please feel free to comment.

Things I really don’t understand:

  • The point in promoting BLP (when are we going to look back and say “I should’ve used BLP there’? Seriously?)
  • Why schools insist on calling our school blogs ‘Learning Journals’. It’s so posh and unneeded it makes me want to retch.
  • Why Justin Bieber is so popular
  • Why Jedward are so popular
  • Why people insist One Direction are gay
  • Howcome some boys are really obssessed with sex
  • Why girls are so bitchy
  • Exactly why Twilight is so popular (Put it this way: I thought Edward Cullen was fit until I found out he was a vampire. That was the big turn-off for me)

Do help me clear these things up. It would make my day.

See ya 😉



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