5 Reasons To Start Loving Classical Music

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I was on the subway this morning when I heard two men talking about a “Richard Wagner.” They were trying to remember where they had heard the name, eventually concluding that he sounded familiar from their days of collecting baseball cards. “He was on the Pittsburgh Pirates,” one of them shouted emphatically, as if having finally gotten to the bottom of a complex mystery. No doubt they were thinking of Honus — not Richard — Wagner, the notoriously speedy baseball player, but it was a bit of a shame that they had mistaken the great 19th-century German composer with a shortstop. I didn’t say anything, contented to finish up a bit of last minute homework rather than interject in a conversation I wasn’t a part of, but a portion of me was saddened by the fate classical music faces now that even the all-stars are forgotten.

No doubt there’s much…

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Guns In America

The text I am about to post after this is my reponse to this article. Enjoy.

Digestible Politics

Gun policy has been a very contentious issue in recent years, especially in the light of the incidents at Sandy Hook and Aurora. As a result Obama has made some key proposals:

  • Reintroduce an expired ban on “military-style” assault weapons
  • Limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds
  • Background checks on all gun sales
  • Ban on possession and sale of armour-piercing bullets
  • Harsher penalties for gun-traffickers, especially unlicensed dealers who buy arms for criminals
  • Approve the appointment of the head of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives


Here are some statistics on guns in America which sparked Obama’s desire to propose such changes”

  •  9,960 people were killed by a gun in the USA in 2010, a rate of 3.2 per 100,000 people.
  • They have the 26th highest death rate by guns annually in the world
  • Gun ownership is declining – In 1990 46% of households and 29% of individuals said…

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Other blogs

I have three other blogs:

Book Reviews

An alternative view on the world of literature for teens. Sure there’s a bit of romance but it’s mainly vampire-less. I’ll try and aim it at boys as well.

Actually Useful Facts

The basics of each subject. Geography isn’t about the climate and global warming. Its about rocks, river, republics, mountains, populations and countries. I bet Teacher won’t tell you that Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia

Lists of everything

Ever been stuck on a Sporcle quiz? Need that one bit of information? Then here’s the place to look. It is just starting but I fully intend to expand on it on everything.

Just goes to show that you don’t mess with The Cats

365 And Counting

Yup.  I’m afeared, all right.  And all you cat lovers out there will know exactly what I’m talking about.  We know that, of all the animals, cats are the most misunderstood creatures.  They doangrycatlike people.  And they are affectionate.  Just on their terms, is all.  But there is one thing you never do to a cat.  Never.  Ever.  Come on, I know you know what it is.  Work with me, here.

That is correct.

You do not, I repeat, you do not mess with their litter.  This is not negotiable.  You hear me?  You do not mess with their litter.  Or their litter boxes, by the way.  They take all matters concerning their ‘toilette’ very seriously.  As I found out the hard way, not all that long ago.

My intentions were honourable.  I was walking through a very upscale shopping mall near where I live.  Amidst all the designer…

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Hiya peeps!

I’ve decided to stop with the random posts (although I shall leave them up for future reference) and get down to some serious blogging.

I will start with things I cannot understand. If you do, or you agree with me and don’t, please feel free to comment.

Things I really don’t understand:

  • The point in promoting BLP (when are we going to look back and say “I should’ve used BLP there’? Seriously?)
  • Why schools insist on calling our school blogs ‘Learning Journals’. It’s so posh and unneeded it makes me want to retch.
  • Why Justin Bieber is so popular
  • Why Jedward are so popular
  • Why people insist One Direction are gay
  • Howcome some boys are really obssessed with sex
  • Why girls are so bitchy
  • Exactly why Twilight is so popular (Put it this way: I thought Edward Cullen was fit until I found out he was a vampire. That was the big turn-off for me)

Do help me clear these things up. It would make my day.

See ya 😉


Useless Literature Fact #1

In the Sherlock Holmes series, there are 23 exclaimations, 11 of them belonging to Dr. Watson. Holmes himself exclaims 6 times. There is a passage of text where it is not sure who exclaims:

So he sat as I dropped off to sleep, and so he sat when a sudden exclamation caused me to wake up, and I found the summer sun shining into the apartment. The pipe was still between his lips, the smoke still curled upward, and the room was full of a dense tobacco haze, but nothing remained of the heap of shag which I had seen upon the previous night. The Man with the Twisted Lip, 1891

(Source: http://www.qi.com/this-weeks-qi/sherlock-holmes)

A bloke called Phelps exclaims 3 times in The Naval Treaty and a Mrs St Clair’s husband, who exclaims to her from a second floor window.